taken from emails from family members:


I know he was only in your program for a short while but it brought him such joy. Thank you for shining your light so brightly in this world!


Lots of great pictures. Thank you so much for remembering her birthday. 🎊🎉🎈That was very thoughtful.

I must say that Out and About has given my husband a chance to laugh, joke around and be who he was. I have become “the warden” to make sure he takes his pills, has his clothes on correctly, etc. but with you all, he just lights up.  Thank you for all that you do!


When I picked G  up he said, without prompting, “I had such a nice day.”  I haven’t heard those words for sooo long. Thanks for all you do to enrich his life.


Thanks for taking the time to write to us  about the day’s adventures.  Love to hear about their interactions as well as the places that you explore.  What fun you all have!!!!!

I have been dreading this day for several years 💔But you have served him well and he does love “Mary and the guys.” But I know it’s time to say farewell. This disease is just the cruelest!  THANK YOU a million gazillion times over for all you do for being a care partner for him and all the others. Brian, Bruce, and Jennifer were there for us every step of the way and I wish you all the best in your venture and journey of those who suffer from this disease. You are all angels and saints in my eyes. ❌❌❌⭕⭕⭕


J really seemed delighted by the day today–he always loves your expeditions, but seemed even more energized today. Thanks for making such a difference in his life. He absolutely loves his Thursdays out with you all.


What a lovely, lovely day.  Warms my heart to hear the moments of connection between the ladies.  Reminds me that in the midst of life’s great challenges, there is always much for which to be grateful.


What a fun group! He can’t wait to see the guys on Mondays, keeps asking when he goes again. I said “it’s just Tuesday!”



I am able to take care of errands and paperwork during the outings without worrying about my husband.  I feel so free.  🙏

My husband  had a great time with the guys on his first outing.  What a fun group.  Thanks for providing this wonderful service.

 I have not seen my dad that happy or excited in a long time and I’m so grateful to you for your program.  He deserves to have a little fun.  My mom’s passing and her previous state of health have been hard on all of us, but especially on him.   I think he really needed today and he’s super excited about next week!

Those guys all looked confused by the look of a stove!! Aren’t they a fun bunch. Without you, they would never have met-THANK YOU!

My sister and I appreciate so much the “Ladies Group” and the daytrips she goes on. Our mother doesn’t remember much of the details when she gets home but I know the good memories for the day are really helping her.  Thanks for the taking the time to send the email and the nice photo of mom, we appreciate all that you do for her and all of the people that participate in your organization.


SHE LOVED her first  outing. She is looking forward to next Tuesday. I read her excerpts from your overview and it pleased her. I KNEW she would embrace this opportunity. Mary you are a gift from heaven.

 I cannot thank you  enough for this wonderful program you have. My husband  so enjoys his Wednesdays with Brian and the guys, and every outing he is so happy (and yes, tired!) when he returns home, eager to talk about his day.  The “summary” of each day/ outing is wonderful… many times I have a tear of joy falling down my cheek as I read them.  I often read them to him, and he elaborates on some of the places again!    This program has been a blessing for both of us, and you should be told that many times!!

Your email wrap up at the end of the day warmed my heart and made me smile. She so enjoys your groups. I think she really feels like she can be herself with you.  Thank you, and bless you. Thank you for the photos as well.


My husband came home yesterday in an exceptionally good mood.  He appeared to have had a wonderful time, even offering to help me get dinner ready.  Wow!



My husband and I truly appreciate all you do to make his days interesting and fulfilling. Thanks so much.


I truly LOVE your summaries of the day, as my mom can’t always remember the details by the time I call her in the evenings.  This really helps me give her clues and exercise her mind.


Thank you.  You guys really are the best.  I wish I was as patient and understanding.


You are just such an inspiration for all of us and all that you do AND think to do.


Thank you too for your daily summary as he it helps me engage him in conversation. He never remembers but once I mention what you have said, then he starts talking……so just a little validation of how wonderful this is for him and all of them and me too.


You are fabulous! You have added a wonderful dimension to our  lives.


Thank you again. I don’t know how you do it. Warmly, from an Out and About fan.


…She really loves the time she spends with you as well and she is excited about going to the museum.  I cannot thank you enough for the kind words and thinking of her for this activity.  I truly appreciate all that you have done for her and all your clients.


… This is like an answer to prayer!


I always tell people I think you are an angel who was also placed in our path, and we sure made the right decision there!  My husband   loves to go places and really likes socializing.  And the stretch of hours by myself is so rejuvenating I can’t even tell you!


Thank you for taking such great care of my mom. Sounds like it was a wonderful day. I know my mom really enjoys spending time with you by how she lights up when I show her the pictures you send me. She smiles and says “Yes! Yes! Yes!” It’s lovely.


Thanks for yesterday.  My husband was really touched about you how listen to him.  He really doesn’t want to be “babysat”, as he calls it, but then again he enjoys his time with the guys.


I always look forward to hearing about your day with the guys! You are fantastic! I love the way you tell the story. Thanks.


… She always enjoys being with you and your other clients and YES, socialization is so important.


Thank you for what you’ve done in the past year for my husband.  He is so happy when he comes home after a day out with you.  The picture  you sent of yesterday’s outing was amazing to me and my sons.  We haven’t seen a grin on him like that in months – obviously he was really having a great day and enjoying himself.


We learned about Out And About Colorado when it was clear that there had to be something more for him and others with similar challenges who remain curious, interested in the world and physically able but hampered by a cognitive impairment.  We know the time is coming when a different level of care will be needed, but for now he   is enjoying what he can and chooses to do – making each day count….  I’m so grateful for the benefits that he  and I both receive on Tuesday nights when he tells me about the events of the day, the guys and Mary.  I see his vitality restored from being out in the world, talking, laughing and engaging with others.