I am a 3rd generation Colorado native who was raised in Littleton and I love giving back to my community and helping others. Twenty years ago, at age 61, my father suffered and survived a devastating stroke that left him unable to communicate or care for himself independently. He still had a familiar twinkle in his eye, longing for interaction, adventure, stimulation, and the drive to improve and maintain a quality of life. I have an intimate understanding of what it was like to have his life (and ours) change so profoundly. He had retired only weeks before, and this certainly was not the path we could have foreseen. I have been supporting and assisting my mother ever since then, trying to enrich Dad’s life as well as provide much needed and deserved respite for my Mom. 

During those years my husband and I raised one son, I volunteered in the schools working in classrooms, serving on PTA Boards and CDM teams, and occasionally, team Mom. I have spent the last 8 years working in my community to improve forest health and wildfire concerns and am currently serving on the Board of Directors of my local fire protection district. 

When I decided to get back into the work force, I spent a very rewarding year with a local agency providing in home personal and companionship care for several clients.

Then I found Out and About Colorado and couldn’t be happier that I did!      



 From the early 1990s into the early 2000s I worked for an organization caring for severely developmentally disabled individuals including those with Autism. During this time I moved in with my elderly grandparents in Minnesota to be their primary caregiver. In the mid 90’s I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and moved to Boulder to   pursue my passion of film, earning a degree in Digital Film Making and Video Production, and working in that field for a few years. My wife, daughter and I now live in Littleton, and I have made the decision to return to work as a caregiver. It’s important to me that I do what I can to help make the world a better place. I am looking forward to using my caregiving skills and experience to serve the Alzheimer’s population, and to all the Out and About Colorado adventures ahead of us! 


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is picture-of-steve-for-website-is-the-quality-high-enough-1-1030x928.jpg I believe I was happiest years ago when I was on a CNA team, helping with activities and caring for residents who had advanced dementia. When I started a different career I had no idea how much I would miss “being helpful”. I have had an empty spot in my heart since then, and am grateful to now be part of the Out and About Colorado caregiving crew.

I have lived in the Denver area my entire life, primarily in Lakewood. My wife and I have 3 daughters, our youngest will be at home with us a bit longer. We have a menagerie of ducks and chickens, cats and dogs and bees, and a fun loving home. I look forward to sharing my life experiences with the people  in our care,  helping to make them feel connected and engaged with each other, and with  so much that Colorado has to offer.


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Mary          Mary Archer

My professional experience dates back to 2007 and includes caring for people with dementia in the nursing home setting,  in adult day programs and as an in-home healthcare provider. I created Out and About Colorado in January 2014, to serve in particular those in the earlier stages of dementia, though I am experienced caring for those in all stages.

It’s a rough journey, and my goal is to help families find joy along the way.