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Morning snacks at Corner Bakery in Highlands Ranch, then a visit to the Happy Dog Ranch

Our morning was definitely Fall in Colorado! Beautiful, colorful, but also damp and cloudy. But we really liked our drive up into Roxborough State Park. We saw more deer then ever before, and took a little five minute walk in the chilly air. In  the afternoon, we spent time at our “cabin”, at Happy Dog […]

Harvard Gulch Park today, and lunch at Annie’s Café on Colfax

It was a little bit of history today for ladies day. We started the day at Harvard Gulch Park, enjoying pastries,fruit and sparkling cider next to the children’splayground. Then off for a little walk through the park- which is next to a golf course-on our perennial search for restrooms. We decided to use the one in […]

Keys on the Green for lunch, in Evergreen, and a walk at the lake

Good day, this group gets along very well. I made some notes about things people said, and I see a theme here. I noted their observations  which meant to me they were “actively engaged” rather then “passively participating”.   It might be quiet in the car for a while, for example, but then someone says something […]

Nixons Coffee by the Platte River, and lunch in Evergreen, beautiful day

Hello everyone – Terrific day! Our day began at such a beautiful place I didn’t want to leave! The outdoor coffee café at Hudson Gardens, alongside the Platte River. Brian brought an amazing morning collection of drinks and foods for us to snack on, we had a big table, partially shaded, very comfortable. In the […]