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Lunch at Urban Egg Highlands Ranch, a couple of walks, coffee at Tomaris, great day

My day began with laughter, as G entertained me in the car with his disco dancing, done as well as someone strapped into a car can do it! He and Jane continue to bring joy to our days as they lose inhibition and dance and sing in the car, it’s so fun to watch. Jane […]

Solid Grounds in Littleton for coffee, then we enjoyed being outdoors a lot of the day!

Torrey and Bruce said the day went very well. Torrey was the host all morning, taking the group to a coffee house then, he said, “a long walk in the park”, then to meet our buddy James for an hour of  croquet. Coffee and goodies were at Solid Grounds. This has been a regular stop […]

Schnepf’s for lunch and Paciugos for gelato!

We actually had a fair amount of time outdoors today, despite the heat. About 20 minutes in Morrison alongside the creek, with our ongoing discussion  is it  “crik” or “creek”? We all think we’re saying it correctly! Jennifer told the group in the morning that we’d be attending a demonstration later about..”.oh, what is it […]

Lunch at Big Bills New York Pizza and an IMAX film

We had a morning picnic under a couple of trees in a neighborhood park. Julia Roberts’ name  came up, and that she was married to Lyle Lovett. P, so famous in our group for his quips:  “I love it” then J: “boy that’s a mismatch”. We talked about mice and hawks and the tarantula L […]

Denver Botanic Gardens for lunch

Well the hot hot temps in the afternoon zapped our energy somewhat, and looking back maybe the Denver Botanic Gardens wasn’t the best choice for today,  but we did well. The group walked through the gardens and on, to “The Hive”, which is an outdoor restaurant  under huge trees. So we had shade and fortunately […]

Visit to Great Harvest Breads and a walk along the Highline Canal

                                                                  JM started it! She put her cute pink hat on sideways and called herself a rapper. E asked, “I don’t understand. What are you wrapping?” Thank you to Great Harvest Bread in […]

Lunch in Morrison, on the patio of The Cow, and morning croquet with Jiminy Wicket

Bruce came back to the office tonight enthusiastic about today’s adventures! He said the day “went very fast, we were very busy” Torrey and Bruce hosted the guys to morning snacks and drinks at Whole Foods, then to croquet at Wash Park. Torrey left the group after this, and Bruce took the group  for a […]