Entries by Mary Archer

Visit to Great Harvest Breads and a walk along the Highline Canal

                                                                  JM started it! She put her cute pink hat on sideways and called herself a rapper. E asked, “I don’t understand. What are you wrapping?” Thank you to Great Harvest Bread in […]

Lunch in Morrison, on the patio of The Cow, and morning croquet with Jiminy Wicket

Bruce came back to the office tonight enthusiastic about today’s adventures! He said the day “went very fast, we were very busy” Torrey and Bruce hosted the guys to morning snacks and drinks at Whole Foods, then to croquet at Wash Park. Torrey left the group after this, and Bruce took the group  for a […]

Lunch at Poppies and a visit to Arts of Denver

                                                        Our morning stop was at Whole Foods for at least an attempt at a healthy start.  We did pretty good, the peanuts were very popular, plus  we had sliced apples and rolls and shared one large organic Rice Krispy! This morning when Jennifer picked up T she was introduced to a childhood friend […]

Balistreri Vineyards in Denver – a very good tour and quite a nice lunch

Today was another amazing day as this group continues to blend so  nicely.  A is a great addition with her positive outlook and infectious energy. She and J get along beautifully; A being the southern belle and J being the consummate gentleman. E and F also quickly fall into their easy, entertaining banter. They are  […]

Platt Park in Denver and an Active Minds Talk at Koelbel Library

The ladies had separate time this morning, and the guys met at the office for our morning snacks. We recall some funny tidbits of conversation; somehow we got talking about the first man  on the moon and the theory these days that it might have been a hoax!? We laughed about that, maybe someone arrived before […]

Lunch at Spanky’s, what a fun day

We had such a good day today !  Sunshine, music, art, laughter, and friendship.After the morning snack routine we  just had to enjoy the spring-like weather. We  found the perfect park nearby.  Great views, dry pathways, a dog park, and exercise area.  Everyone except J tried out a  piece of equipmen. Pull ups, bicep curls, leg […]