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Out and About Colorado is a Denver based program specifically designed for people who have mild – moderate dementia.

We offer respite for families and meaningful daytrips for our clients. Our daytrips provide an opportunity for socialization that many people with dementia are missing. We help to build friendships and  connect families. We encourage families  to share their experiences,  challenges, and caregiving tips with each other. And we provide safe and well designed,  full day outings for people in the early stages of dementia, many of whom  have  recently lost their job and their driver’s license, and are  feeling isolated, depressed and in need of a day out with friends to help them cope.

We are in our 6th year of business, we are experienced and passionate caregivers,

and we are  aware of the  unique situations  our  families face. 

There is one challenge in particular which confronts many of them: 

 the effects of the disease on the family’s finances. For some the financial strain can be tremendous. 

 As someone in our program told us:

                                          “this is a heart breaking and wallet shrinking disease.”

We have discovered that there are few financial resources for these families, and we want to help.                                                     

We are a local, non-profit organization created specifically to assist  families coping with dementia,

                                                             and anything you can do to help us with our mission is so appreciated.

“Research suggests that social interaction with others is an important part of maintaining your brain. Changes in memory or language abilities can make some social situations more challenging, but it is important to practice both expressing and listening to conversations.  Social interactions that include activities are also stimulating….for example, going on an outing to a park, zoo, museum, movie, play, sporting event, or concert takes the emphasis off of verbal communication and allows for enjoyable companionship based on a shared experience.”

“Social interactions that prompt reminiscence may stimulate long-term memory, while the conversation can exercise language, attention, and listening abilities…Anytime you engage in an activity that involves others, you are likely to be exercising your mind.” 

Lisa Snyder, MSW, LCSW   Author: “Living Your Best with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s

 I cannot thank you  enough for this wonderful program you have. My husband  so enjoys his time  with  the guys, and every outing he is so happy (and yes, tired!) when he returns home, eager to talk about his day.  The “summary” of each day/ outing is wonderful… many times I have a tear of joy falling down my cheek as I read them.  I often read them to him, and he elaborates on some of the places again!    This program has been a blessing for both of us, and you should be told that many times!!