Lunch at Spanky’s, what a fun day

We had such a good day today !  Sunshine, music, art, laughter, and friendship.
After the morning snack routine we  just had to enjoy the spring-like weather. We  found the perfect park nearby.  Great views, dry pathways, a dog park, and exercise area.  Everyone except J tried out a  piece of equipmen. Pull ups, bicep curls, leg lifts, etc.  Knowing that J has been going to the gym recently I teased him and said “Oh you must be sore from yesterday’s work out right?”  He smiled and said “Yea, that’s it” HA !  I never did get him on one of the machines.
We had an early lunch at Spanky’s in the DU area.  We go there fairly regularly and are always very warmly greeted by the same waiter who recognizes us immediately.  When he was taking our orders, L asked him if the Reubens were good.  Our waiter’s response was “Have you ever had a bad Reuben?”  L had to admit that he hadn’t and after he finished it told the waiter it was one of the best !  It was a very musical lunch ( and day for that matter).  I have a habit of starting a sentence and pausing for a few moments then finishing my sentence.  Well, the “Jukebox brains” L and S would fill in those pauses with the lyrics of a song.  For example I would say “everything”, then  pause and either or S would fill it in with “Everything she does is magic magic”.  They did this all day long!  
J got in on that too, only not with music.  I ask L” Did your mother”, I paused thinking about how I wanted to phrase the question. I guess my pause was too long and J said “What!??”  with this tone of like are we supposed to guess or what?  It was hilarious and the timing was perfect! 
After lunch we visited the Denver Public Library to see a performance by the “Bookshop Band.”  What a treat.  The duo is from the U.K., and they perform in bookstores and libraries.  They are on a tour of the U.S. now, Tattered Cover, etc..The songs they perform are those they have written which were inspired by  books they have read.  It was wonderful.  They would explain the premise of the book then play the song.  We took a front row seat and were able to watch them up close and personal as they  played  the cello, ukulele, and guitar.  It really was a treat.  They  tour the US with their twenty month old daughter who, as L pointed out that she   “provided some great background vocals.”  J and both said it was great, T said about 5 minutes later it was still giving him the “shivers” and he  wiggled a bit ! After the show, we had T led the way to “The Table” on the 7th floor of the Library which was used by the  Summit of 8 that involved President Bill Clinton, and other world leaders.  The 7th floor has great views of the Denver Art Museum, the City and County Building, the Capitol Building and Civic Center Park, and the halls are  filled with great art.  Steve and I just let the guys gravitate to what drew them in for 15 minutes or so before heading out. 
Terrific day !