17 Mile House today with a long walk on the Cherry Creek Trail and lunch at Saltgrass

Gosh, what a nice day we had. All three guys were with me on Tuesday when we visited the Denver Art Museum, so I figured a day outside before the snow hits was in order. And all three of them we’re especially sharp today. Not sure why, but I’m not arguing.

We spent the bulk of our day at 17 Mile House in Parker. We jumped out of the car, gave the buildings a cursory look, then headed for the trail. We did over 3 miles out and back, and kept busy for all of it.  D had fond memories of walking with his son there, and was excited to find an amphitheater that was close by. We found the amphitheater and so much more. We saw old farm equipment that T was able to explain to us, B spotted a couple of huge red tail hawks soaring over us. We found eagle nests, llamas, an old car graveyard and a bunch of other stuff.
The park has a very zen atmosphere. It has trails named tranquility, reflexology path, path of solitude, and our favorite, the center of wisdom. As you can imagine, we had fun with that one. I think it was D who said they put it up because they knew we were coming and would be standing tright here. We also had  fun with some pull up bars that we found. While D, B and I were horsing around on the low kids one, T jumped up on the adult side and kicked out 5 clean pull ups. Beat me by five.
 Of course we met several dogs and their owners, really nice walk. We spent so much time walking about that we worked up quite an appetite. We headed over to Saltgrass in Parker for lunch.  It was a long lunch for us. We were so relaxed after the walk, and everyone was so talkative, that when we left it was time to head home. I know I had a wonderful day, and  your husbands said they enjoyed it as well. Have a good weekend!