Mizel Museum today, what a wonderful place to visit

Mizel Museum

Mizel Museum

Our day started at the Mizel Museum,an art museum dedicated to Jewish history and culture. The displays are very colorful and imaginative. The Garden of Eden, Noah’s Arc, the collection of Menorahs, the diorama, for lack of a better word of Yiddish Jew (think Fiddler on the Rood), a large painting of the Jewish calendar, paintings of child survivors of the Holocaust living in Colorado today, Jewish business (Samsonite and Rockmount), and much more. Our tour guide was good, though she did cover a lot history and culture and it was a lot to try to absorb. It’s a special place for sure, and is a regular stop for our program.

From there we had a lively lunch at the Egg and I. Almost all of us had breakfast, it’s great to have breakfast for lunch on a cold day, comforting I think. There was lots of banter back and forth up and down the table! Lots of talk about Thanksgiving dishes, we teased C about her love of French Toast and the incredible size of J’s apple pancake, D had a breakfast burrito with a little heat to it and he got some teasing too.

In the afternoon it was just too damp and chilly to stop for a walk, so of course we stopped and had frozen pumpkin pie custard and ate it in the car. We all giggled at the silliness of that, but enjoyed the treat with some nice conversation.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !