IMAX film at the Wildlife Experience on our cold day was just right

Still boggles my mind that we were running around in shorts yesterday, and driving through slush today. It was one of the days where you get some twists and turns, and adjust on the fly. The guys have been friends long enough that they fall into rhythm quickly. After picking up the guys we headed to Lamars for our morning coffee. I think it was needed. We all perked up a bit and enjoyed our conversation. As you might imagine, a lot of it centered on the storm. We definitely enjoyed watching the snow blow from inside with a warm coffee. We got there and it was nice and quiet, gave us a good chance to get caught up. Our conversation was everywhere. We talked family, football, dogs, all the usual topics. Both B and D were in good spirits. They both started a bit slow, but once we were able to relax and talk, they both sharpened up. We braved the snow and loaded up the car and headed over to the Museum of Natural History. We had tickets for the planetarium, but after only 10-15 minutes in the museum, kids just came out of the woodwork. You could tell it was too much stimulation, so as I was trying to figure a graceful exit, B looked at me and said “I think this is too much, I’m gonna knock one of these kids over on accident”. That was all I need to here, we left and went to get some lunch.

We had a nice lunch at Annie’s on Colfax. We had a super server, (in fact Brian brought her up several times later in the afternoon.)  We decided to go to Wings over the Rockies after lunch  and look at some of their space displays. Well, it was closed for a private party. Luckily, Mary is working on updating her outing book and was able to offer a few suggestions. We went to the C.U. Wildlife Experience to see an IMAX on space exploration. At least we were able to keep the planetarium theme going. We had a few minutes so we were able to get a small coffee and talk some more. I thought it was great that Brian and Dave were able to get some quality time with each other, and they really seemed to enjoy it. The movie was about our mission planning to go to Mars. Needless to say that dominated the conversation on the way home. The first group of Mars astronauts are going to have to go on a three year mission, and NASA expects it to be by 2030. They also mixed in some actual footage of Mars taken by the rovers sent there. We couldn’t understand why anyone would even want to go. Desolate and rocky. While we had a obstacle or two today, I felt it was more about the company than the activity.