Morrison Inn for lunch and a visit to the Music Hall of Fame at Red Rocks

november 8 at red rocks
What a beautiful Election Day Outing !  There was very little discussion about the election except that everyone was glad that it just about over !

Our carpools met as usual at the Java Cafe at St Johns and we got caught up with each a bit over refreshments. This is a good  mid morning

break for those who have been in the car the longest, and a relaxing way start our day together. There is always a lot of chatter and ribbing
, and we get to watch the preschoolers on the playground next door which they all seem to enjoy.  We had noticed a couple of towheaded girls in the playground and Bearded Brian said “what is towheaded anyway.“?  I told him it is that very blonde almost white colored hair and D said, almost instantly, yea, like the color Jennifer tries to dye hair now!  
As I said a lot of ribbing and all in good fun!  Love it!
We headed straight to Red Rocks after that and I’m sure glad we did, as it was such a beautiful day to be in that park.  We went to the top of the amphitheater first taking in the views of the theater and the city for a few minutes,  then into the Visitors Center. After we all wandered back outside we lingered there for sometime talking about the rock formations, watching people exercise on the stairs, wondering how many rows of seats there are (70),talked about concerts we have seen there, and D shared that he was married at Red Rocks!
We lunched on the roof top of the Morrison Inn, where everyone seemed very satisfied with their meals, especially J with her giant fajita salad…. !!
So much fun with such wonderful friends today.november 8 red rocks  three