coffee stop at Wash Park, and the IMAX Mummies film today

Hi Everyone,
What a beautiful day we got to share today. Although the calendar says November 1, I think it felt more like May 1. We have been so fortunate with the fall weather, we need to enjoy it while we can.

Our carpools met up at the Java Café in St. John’s Church Wash Park. We caught up while enjoying our morning beverages. We had a full group today and the energy was high. We spent some time discussing Halloween then and now.; our general consensus was that it is nothing like when we were kids. We had an 11:30 IMAX to get to, so we scurried out of the cafe. The IMAX was on the “Valley of the Kings in Egypt”, and the mummification process.  There were some stunning recreations of Egypt, and an interesting story on how it was discovered. There still isn’t much know about the process, but they have figured out how to extract DNA from mummified remains. After the film we headed to the Mummy display in the museum. They have actual mummies that were purchased in Egypt in the 40’s. It was legal until 1946 to purchase a mummie and bring it back to the states. Both of the specimens were over 3000 years old.  Interesting stuff, but a little creepy.

The perfect antidote to the creepiness was to head outside and take a nice walk around City Park. We looped the lake, and talked about our recent zoo visit as we passed it, even spying an elephant at one point. We checked out the pavilion, and  saw a lone Herron. It was terrific out. Nice breeze, leaves rustling, and lots of sunshine. Our walks are so informal, that everyone walks at their own pace, and people move from group to group. We share lots of laughter, appreciation for where we live, and really enjoy each other’s company. After expending all that energy, it was time for lunch and we headed to Annie’s on Colfax. As usual the food was good, and the service sassy. We did not have one box of leftovers leave with us. Everyone ate everything, which says it all.   Very satisfying day. The mood was light, and we enjoyed the moments that made up the day.

.november 1 City Park